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IT Consulting & Training

A lot of the customers we've worked with have issues they can overcome with the help of IT. Often, they have an idea to get to an end goal, but need someone to do it or get them started. Allow us to become your extension and guide you to more efficient and productive days ahead. We will work together to streamline your current processes and make them more efficient.


Website Development

In the many years of working for a company that did this, I found that most folks have an idea for their business and don't need to spend $5k - $10k on a website! Let me help show you how easy this can be, with a tailored website, running a CMS (Content Management System) so easy to use, YOU can update it whenever you'd like.

Custom Web Applications

This might be our 'bread and butter' if you will. We pride ourselves in developing custom website applications that can solve obstacles you may be facing. We've developed software running in multi-million dollar businesses for their production lines, non conformance reporting, customer service ticketing, quoting system, and a member engagement app. In other words, we got this.

Digital Marketing

While this is a newly formed service we offer, our results have been out of this world. We ensure your business is known, seen, and found in the Google world, and have realized once Google knows, so does all the other search engines. Allow us to take your business or organization to new heights with our various digital marketing services.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support such as computers, mobile devices, printers, Office 365, email, networking, database, servers, domain, and more. With most IT support companies charging upwards of $200 / hour for Sr. Tech work, let us help lower your costs and streamline your operations.

Theatrical Production

Controlled and enhanced with powerful IT software and hardware, we'd love to supply lighting, sound, and effect experiences at your next local performance, show, or get together! We can make your experience a truly Unexplainable Solution and an unforgettable one at that! Featuring professional grade lighting and sound equipment, effects such as confetti, snow, and bubbles, fog and atmospherics, and more. Allow us to custom tailor backdrop, setup, and operation for your next stage production or performance!

The Work We Do.

The Work We Do.

Impactful. Transformational.
We have over 16 years experience in the IT industry touching nearly every facet from support & development to hosting & security. We can assist with small biz to corporate size, non-profits, and even personal applications. With a passion for driving efficiency and productivity, along with engagement and interaction, through innovative, creative, and customizable IT solutions, we'd love the opportunity to discuss your needs further.