The Story

For me, it makes all the difference. I hope it will for you too!

The Story

A Long Long Time Ago.

I know most company's do not tell you their personal story. Their past, who cares right? The thing is, I built this company based on overcoming obstacles and understanding relationships, and I want my story to be told to prove to my children, or any youth, that you can overcome anything with persistence, prayer, and God's help. Bear with me and please read on to understand why I formed this business and why I operate it today.

The Background.
Retail management world. 70+ hour weeks. Newly-wed. Never saw my beautiful bride until she was asleep daily. I had enough. Finished degree(s) and found that entry level support tech job Monday - Friday 8-5. Worked great. Worked my way up and integrated myself into everything possible. I believe that if you are so integrated and needed throughout a company, that when times get tough, and they will, you're last to be let go. Opportunity knocked, chased money, and went to a green start up company. Relocated near my wife's parents so they could help with our upcoming plans of having children. Lived in the golden life reality for about 3 years.

No. Closed Door after Closed Door. Roadblocks & More.
In the green pastures of golden life, remodeled a home, purchased a new truck, got lots of meaningless things and trinkets, lots of 0% purchases as long as I paid them off in a year. In other word's I didn't know what was coming, and I had made a lot of bad decisions. The company I was working for was in the 'getting bought out offer wars' and they were starved dry. Most everyone was let go. I was integrated like I said, so it was hard to let me go. I could keep my job for 1/2 my salary as that's all they could do. I begged for more. No. Week's came and went. Bill collectors calling hourly. Remodel stuck in limbo. Please give me more time. I'll go work a night job and only get a couple of hours of sleep. I was already traveling 1.5 hours one way (3 hours a day plus 12 - 16 hour work days every day of the week). I missed the entire first year of my second daughter's life it seemed. No. Payment due now. Then came the repo, golden reality and nice new limited truck gone. No where to turn as my bills didn't get cut in 1/2. Long story short, went nearly bankrupt and one night I stared at my two daughters while they were sleeping, started balling my eyes out, and I said never again. It was hard for a long time. 

Unexplainable Success.
We slowly worked our way out of the bad bills one by one. Still working on some agreements at the time of this writing. Sold our nice triple story house on the golf course and had the money to finish the remodel enough to get moved into it so we didn't have to live with in laws or rent some where. One of the men I go to church with was working on concrete for the remodel and I told him my story. He instantly new of a local company that needed IT help. Quick story, within a couple of weeks hired and have been there ever since. It's taken all of my previous jobs to get me to this point and to help me understand what I truly love doing what I do for my work, and that's IT. This local job allowed me to be back in church every time they meet, and has allowed me to take on leadership roles within the church. Door after door began opening with folks needing IT work done for their company, their idea, etc. As time progressed four years later, I was blessed with several opportunities for side work and one being a massive custom website based application for the Church that congregations nation wide use. I thought, what better way to use my talents that God has blessed me with than to see that type of opportunity and build something. As time progressed I had conversations with various folks paying me to develop a website for their business, or setup a network for them, etc. and nearly each time I was told how smart I was, how grateful they were they met me, and essentially its hard for them to even operate a PC so what I am telling them is just unexplainable. The light bulb went off and said that's it. My solutions and help is unexplainable. Not because I can't break it down, but because folks don't really care about all the particulars or how to get there, they just want to get there. That might be some software to help drive this or that, increase sales, or to just bring folks together. That's my business idea, Unexplainable Solutions! Searched around, got some domains, formed a company, trade marked it, and we were off to the races! 
Now it may be unexplainable to some folks how we get to their end goal, but I know one thing for sure. It's 100% unexplainable why God chose my family and I to go through those hurdles to only open doors that I never dreamed could happen for me. However, it's 100% explainable that our success has come from God's blessings and we will never forget that and always be thankful for the opportunities that are presented to us daily. We look forward to working together with you soon.
Brad Rush - President
Unexplainable Solutions, LLC.
The Work We Do.

The Work We Do.

Impactful. Transformational.
We have over 16 years experience in the IT industry touching nearly every facet from support & development to hosting & security. We can assist with small biz to corporate size, non-profits, and even personal applications. With a passion for driving efficiency and productivity, along with engagement and interaction, through innovative, creative, and customizable IT solutions, we'd love the opportunity to discuss your needs further.